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Roesville Estates Photo Gallery 2


Storm water excavation

Another view

Utility excavation

Another view

Working out of the stockpile

In the trench box

Partially back filled trench

View in the trench box

Another view

Another view

54 inch Flared end at the retention pond

Outfall at the retention pond


Curb installation in progress

Parking area being paved

First section of curb in project

Pipe alignment being verified


Setting headwall along Roesville Road

Alignment of headwall being verified

Pipe Trench being back filled

Compaction test in progress

Pipe crew between sections

A soft spot

Storm Sewer Road Crossing being installed

Sewer Work

Walkway along Roesville Road Paved

Raod Crossing Trench Paved

Driveway to Office Trailer

Trench Backfill

Trench Backfill

Sewer Main Trench being Backfilled

Sanitary Sewer Main Installation

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